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Hello and welcome to As part of the Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd group, we stem from a local family business established in 1883. Our proximity to local heavy industry e.g. Heavy Engineering, oil and gas both offshore and onshore has helped us to form a niche service which provides modern solutions for modern problems. These solutions include Lockout Stations which are used as part of a Lockout Tagout procedure. The Procedure is designed to keep workers safe whilst performing vital and routine maintenance, as well as other tasks. Lockout Stations are tools supporting those solutions.

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What is Lockout Tagout?

Industrial workers are greatly exposed to electrical and mechanical hazards while servicing equipment and machinery. Statistics produced by the HSE show that 180 workers were killed at their place of work, 131,895 other injuries were reported and 246,000 reportable injuries were recorded.

Lockout Tagout aims to greatly reduce the number of deaths and injuries in the workplace. The basic principle is the locking of any equipment that is undergoing maintenance or that otherwise needs to be kept turned off. This is to prevent any unauthorised or unknowing person from restarting the equipment and causing harm to the maintenance personnel.

This website is focused upon Lockout Station. These are useful sets of tools and lockout devices that can provide an individual workers or a team with all the equipment they need to implement Lockout Tagout in their work. We aim not only to provide a comprehensive range of Lockout Station, to provide for every need, but also to inform, advise and educate you and your staff, ensuring that the Lockout equipment is used correctly, and that you are getting the most suitable product for your needs.

“A Safe workplace is NO ACCIDENT”

It's difficult to understand exactly what it takes to stay safe in the workplace. However with our specialised website providing the biggest range of Lockout Stations on the market we are sure we can help you find the unti which will be fit for purpose for your application.

Why is the obvious place to turn when you're searching for lockout tagout stations and products. You can count on us for high quality and competitively priced Lockout Stations - and if you're unhappy with your purchase, you can rely on our 30 days refund guarantee. You can search our online catalogue for Lockout Station to see if we've got the unit that could assist you or simply call us as we can help with bespoke customized Lockout Station too. is a specialised site and belongs to Lockout Tagout Security Ltd the market leader in lockout tagout products, services and support.

These comprehensive Lockout Stations are ideal for single workers or teams / departments. We provide several Lcokout Stations which cover various applications including Electrical, Mechanical and Universal Lockout Stations and are ideal for all types of industry and workgroups. Industries include Oil & Gas for existing Brown Field sites and New Green field sites too. We custom make some of the Stations in UK which means quality is guaranteed as our products are not cheap replicas. As we custom make the stations they can be designed to match your needs.

Why Use a Lockout Stations?

Lockout Tagout Stations Help manage your safety isolation padlocks and tools when you are isolating different types of energy sources, preventing their operation during maintenance/repair and decommissioning procedures on a machine.

Lockout Tagout Procedure and example with your Lockout Station.

The following example provides the steps that should be included in your Lockout Tagout procedure in order to aid personnel in safe completion of work activity:

Scenario - This isolation example is under isolation certificate. You are to under go the isolation using the to isolate a machine which has a valve that generates a flow of steam which requires a small workgroup to complete the work

So your procedure actually includes Lockout, Tagout and Test Out. Our Lockout Stations are suitable for use on electrical, miniature circuit breakers, valves and pneumatic energy sources and can be customised to suit your specific application if needed. We also provide free engraving on the Lockout Safety padlocks when bought with the Lockout Station. Please call us we’ll be happy to help. Our resource centre provides a lot of advice on Lockout Tagout for safety experts including free downloads, videos, presentations and newsletter signup.

Our worldwide customers include the following:

...And many more. For further details on our customers please click here. Finally we are fully approved members of Achilles procurement portal which helps mitigate risk for large buyers ensuring they are buying high quality products from an established supplier. For more information please just call us on (+44)1642 244017.

Businesses are required by law to ensure the well being and safety of their employees. Failure to do so can result in legal action and severe penalties for the employer. All our products are fully compliant with all regulations and laws, ensuring that you are covered legally, in addition to improving your employees safety. We have a wide range of Lockout Station, suitable for all needs and requirements, that will help you implement your own lockout tagout procedure. All our products help you stay compliant with laws and regulations: Act. Protect. Comply.

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